AIU Scholars Contribute to International Publications

AIU is at the forefront of Christian scholarship in Africa. What’s more, the insights of our faculty and students are being published to build the church across Africa and around the world. Here are a few recent highlights:

  • Several years ago, Africa International University faculty contributed to and edited the Africa Bible Commentary. Just recently Africa International University’s faculty and students were central to the production of the Africa Study Bible. Focused on discipleship and application, the Africa Study Bible is God’s Word through African eyes. Over 2600 features were written by 350 contributors from 50 countries! Africa International University provided the supervising editor of the project, four of the content and theological reviewers, a project manager, and 14 more contributors. Click Here to purchase on Amazon
  • An international team of researchers surveyed Christians in Kenya, Angola, and CAR to understand about leadership in Africa. Of these, three were from Africa International University. Their findings have now been published in the book African Christian Leadership: Realities, Opportunities, and Impact. Click Here to purchase on Amazon
  • Another critical issue for theological engagement in Africa is suffering. The Africa Society of Evangelical Theology meeting in 2015 wrestled with explanations and causes such as witchcraft, poverty, curses, and war – and how Christians should respond. Papers from this conference have just been released in a book, Christianity and Suffering: African Perspectives, and half of the contributing scholars from Africa International University Buy it here online.

AIU has an ongoing commitment to scholarship. Last month, AIU hosted an international conference on quality education through ethical and value-based principles, and published the papers in its journal.